CN Model Trains And Locomotives
Are Featured on Bill Bradford's
HO Layout of Barrie's Allandale Yard

Bill Bradford is the Past President of our Ontario Central Chapter of the Canadian Association of Railway Modelers (CARM) and remains one of our most active members.

Bill's specialty is building HO models of prototype Canadian National (CNR) steam locomotives. He often takes other models and reworks them to make a credible model of a specific engine. Should you ever want to know more about CNR locomotives or want to have one made for you, contact Bill at

Meantine, here are a few photos I took of his layout that is housed in an upstairs bedroom. It is an amazing faithful representation of Allandale Yard and the surrounding area of Barrie, Ontario, Canada in the days of steam.

Many of the buildings are scratchbuilt and have detailed interiors. His model of the Allandale station (below) is exquisite. Bill has also built some interesting freight cars that I photographed.  

He didn't have the space for the complete roundhouse so his son painted a number of stalls on the wall. There's a photo below and some excellent painted scenes of the Barrie shoreline and Lake Simcoe. In 2015 he completed a diorama of the roundhouse featuring every CN locomotive that ran in the Barrie area. He was bringing it to the Barrie Train Show in February 2016.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

HO scale Allandale yard HO scale Allandale station HO scale Allandale train station
HO scale coal tower HO scale train shed HO scale freight yard
HO scale Simcoe Coop HO scale water tower HO scale street crossing
HO scale freight car loads HO scale engine facility HO scale slaughterhouse
HO scale slaughterhouse and street HO scale street scene HO scale factory
HO scale rural scene HO scale Lake Simcoe and yard HO scale Barrie backdrop
HO scale intersection HO scale railroad crossing HO scale coal loader
HO scale van track HO scale ballast loader HO scale meat packer plant
HO scale farm night scene HO scale store at Angus HO scale roundhouse
HO scale MOW car HO scale coal loading HO scale railyard at Barrie

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