Video Of G-scale Trains
Operating On The Indoor Canadian Hockley Valley Railroad Layout

The Hockley Valley Railroad train store is now located in Alliston, Ontario.  The previous store was located a few miles away in Hockley Valley, hence the name. The original model railroads were a large indoor HO railroad and a marvelous, completed, outdoor G-scale railroad.  I helped build the indoor railroad. It was partially scenicked and was running well when the original owner sold it. A second owner continued the store and the model railroads. There were about two dozen of us from the surrounding region working on both the indoor and outdoor railroads. This is where I first learned about DCC and also caught the bug for large G scale trains.

As often happens in model railroading, the whole thing fell apart when the second owner moved his family back to the west coast. Fortunately, in stepped John Downey and his wife to take over the business, though not the house and property. John moved the business to its current location in Alliston. The indoor railroad was dismantled by the new owner of the house. The outdoor G-scale trains fell into disuse. I mention all this because John has not only continued the business, but has welcomed modelers to his store premises. There is a small HO railroad in the store, and he has let the  Barrie-Allandale Railway Modelers  store and work on their modular layout in an adjacent room. There's no outdoor layout (yet). Instead, John has begun construction of a G-scale layout in a 40 X 60 foot space indoors. Quite a lot of scenery work has already been completed along with many buildings. Visitors can watch long trains running on the layout and even try out the equipment they want to purchase. 

Hockley Valley Railroad is a full-service hobby train store for all scales with special emphasis on G scale trains. It stocks one of the largest selections of G-scale equipment and supplies in the country, much of it Canadian roads. If you're ever searching for CN, CP, ONR, BC Rail, Government of Canada grain cars and the like, this is where to look.

Here's a short video I shot recently to document the progress John, Steve and others have made on the indoor layout.

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