Glencairn Train Station Existed
On The CN Rail Line to Collingwood

Gary Robinson, fellow Nottawasaga Model Railroad club member, brought over a couple of old postcards to my Wednesday night operating meeting. They were obtained from the owner of Stephen's Fuels whose depot sits on the site of the former Glencairn railroad station.

glencairn cn stationGlencairn station. Date unknown.

Glencairn is situated just outside of the Camp Borden military base between Angus and Creemore, Ontario, Canada. The old railway line was first owned by the Chicago and Northwestern, later was taken over by the Northern Railway, and finally by the Canadian National Railway (CNR). This was the rail line that ran north to Collingwood on Georgian Bay where I live. The original picture was probably taken in the 1930s or early 1940s. It would make a nice model.

bridge at glencairnBridge near Glencairn. Date unknown.

Gary had a second picture of the bridge that was to the northwest of Glencairn. It is difficult to see but it looks like that is a 4-4-0 pulling the train. It appears the train is moving west towards Creemore. These engines were replaced by 4-6-0s later in the 40s and steam was phased out in the mid-fifties on this line. Therefore, we deduced that the photos were from an earlier period.

Incidentally, another of our members, John Carruthers, worked at the Creemore depot until it burned down. We always tease John that he was the last one to turn off the lights before the fire. His mother woke him up in the middle of the night to say there seemed to be a large fire in the middle of town. I don't think the real cause of the fire was ever known.

Map of area (Mapquest) .
map of Collingwood area

Collingwood was a busy town until the St. Lawrence Seaway was built. It was a ship-building town into the 60s and launched many of the Great Lakes freighters. There was a huge grain terminal at Collingwood. The silos still stand today. 

The Barrie-Collingwood railway ran from Barrie to Collingwood and was jointly owned by the two cities. It moved a few cars a week: a tank car from Canadian Mist, some tank cars from Collingwood Ethanol from time to time and farm supplies to ⁄ from Stayner. Interchange with the Canadian Pacific(CP) railway is handled at Utopia, west of Barrie. The line has now been abandoned. You can see a video of the last run at Collingwood railway

Our Nottawasaga Model Railway club is building an HO layout depicting the line from Barrie to Meaford and Collingwood is the centrepiece complete with the harbour and grain silos.

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