Photos From The Revelstoke Museum 

I took these photographs on a cross country trip from Vancouver to Toronto with my daughter in 2007. 

CP locomotives idle on the sidings in Revelstoke.
CP locomotives at Revelstoke

Revelstoke is near Rogers Pass on the CP line. It's a crew changing point and engines are usually lined up for servicing or or ready to head out to tackle the grade. There is a wonderful railroad museum in Revelstoke detailing the building of the CP line across the mountains. They've been collecting artifacts and building the archives since 1960. There are a number of artifacts and staged rooms such as a ticket office as well as model dioramas, and full-size, prototype equipment both indoors and outside. There's even an active model railroad club. Revelstoke itself is a lovely little town with excellent restaurants. It also became a ski destination in 2007. Well worth a visit if you're driving the Trans Canada Highway.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Revelstoke museum inside Revelstoke museum CP museum rolling stock
This is me standing on the rear platform of a "van" (caboose) outside the museum building. Here's a view of the inside of the museum at Revelstoke, B.C. It's quite a delightful venue. The museum houses steam loco 5468 built by Montreal Locomotive Works and a CP business car.
Revelstoke equipment Revelstoke Model Railroad Club Revelstoke model mine scene
There are a number of large exhibits saved from the scrap heap that you can climb aboard. I'm standing upstairs at the railroad club where modelers are building a replica of the CP line through the mountains. This is one of the mines being modeled. Models are based on prototype locations and drawings.
Bill with bear Revelstoke flat car Revelstoke Tortoise switch machines
I couldn't resist snarling at the bear. Fortunately, he was behind glass! There is more equipment outside: a van (caboose), flat car and snowplow. Tortoise switch machines are mounted topside for easier access.

The Revelstoke museum has a very interesting website at Revelstoke Museum and Archives.

I have added model railroad photos from other layout tours, conventions, along the right-of-way and museums. They're listed in the "Train Photos Gallery" page.

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