Train Museum Photos 
At The Elgin County Railway Museum, Ontario, Canada

Fellow Nottawasaga Model Railway Club  member, Bill Payne, took these pictures in the summer of 2008. The museum's sign says "preserving our heritage since 1988". Volunteers are hard at work refurbishing the equipment.

There are photographs here of CN5700 steam locomotive and tender being worked on in the shop and of a small diesel engine, Wabash 51. There are also photographs of GTW 77137 van (caboose) and a couple of boxcars covered with graffiti. The St. Thomas shop used to have a transfer table to move work in and out of the shop tracks. There's a photo of a model of the transfer table.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view

prototype railroad museum 1 prototype railroad museum  shop 1
prototype railroad CN5700 steam engine prototype railroad CN5700 tender
prototype railroad boxcar graffiti 2 prototype railroad transfer table
prototype railroad GTW 77137 van 2 prototype railroad Wabash 51 diesel locomotive
prototype railroad Wabash 51 diesel locomotive front prototype railroad wedge plow
prototype railroad CN5700 locomotive drivers tugboat model

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