Train Pictures At Palmerston, Ontario
During A CARM Meeting

Our central Ontario chapter of the Canadian Association of Railway Modellers (CARM) held a joint one-day meeting with our neighbor chapter that covers Collingwood over to the Bruce Peninsula and down towards London. It's a big area and we don't get an opportunity to get together very often. Palmerston is a famous railway area for the Canadian National (CNR) and many other lines that used to meet there. 

The CNR maintained a yard with a turntable and roundhouse in years gone by. As traffic fell off more and more of this division point fell into disuse. There aren't many tracks left and most of the railroad buildings are gone, except for the lovely station. The station, originally Grand Trunk Western (GWR) has quite a few railroad artifacts. We held the meeting surrounded by railroad memorabilia. If you'd like to read more about the Palmerston station, go to GWR history.

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CN 2-6-0 steam engine 81 on display at Palmerston. 
This CN 2-6-0, number 81, is on display near the Palmerston, Ontario station. Palmerston was the site of a Canadian Association of Railway Modellers (CARM) division meeting in the autumn of 2007. Click on the image for a larger view.
CN 2-6-0 steam engine 81 and tender on display in Palmerston, Ontario CN 2-6-0 on display in Palmerston, Ontario seen from behind the left side of tender. The steam engine is in a park near the station. Seen up close it's beginning to show its age.
Footbridge at Palmerston railroad station Palmerston used to be a busy CN railroad terminal. The footbridge was built to permit pedestrians to cross over the railway yard. Only a few tracks remain in front of the station.
The railway station at Palmerston, Ontario, Canada. The Palmerston railway station is now a museum with many fascinating artifacts from its time as a CN terminal serving this rural community west of Toronto. Click on the image for a larger view.
The Palmerston passenger and freight railroad station. The station fronted on a large railway yard. There was a full steam engine servicing facility with turntable and roundhouse.
railroad handcars and shed The museum opened the handcar shed for those of us who wanted to try riding one. They are heavy and unweildy to put on the track. Lots of muscle power required!
railroad handcars by Palmerston station The handcars are in front of the Palmerston station. We're looking into the former railway yard. The area used to be full of tracks. Only several remain.
meeting room in Palmerston, Ontario railroad station We had our meeting in the stations' museum surrounded by memorabilia from a bygone era. Pictures, lanterns, morse code machines, and a well-equipped ticket office. Fascinating stuff!
Museum office at Palmerston railroad station This is the office in the museum. A picture of what-once-was hangs on the wall. The museum is well-kept. Not all items are catalogued or on display yet but it is well worth a visit if you're ever in the area.

The museum has a new website. To visit, go to  Palmerston Museum.

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