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If you're already a model railroader, beginner to old-hand, you know that information about model railroads covers many subjects; architecture, history, geography, geology, woodworking, plasters, painting, crafts, electricity, electronics, computers, photography, railfanning, travel ... and I haven't even mentioned the word "trains"!

I personally feel it's unfortunate that model railroading has become mainly a hobby for adults and retirees. 

  Perhaps it's because we have nostalgic memories of steam engines and railroads played a bigger part in our lives. Or maybe it's because we have developed more patience and don't mind puttering at some task for hours, traits that are sadly lacking in many young people.

  Of course, we don't encourage youngsters to play with our highly prized models and equipment for fear of them being wrecked.

I say it is unfortunate because there's nothing like learning from practice and empirical study compared to studying from a school book.

 For example, I never understood algebra and geometry in school. It all started to make sense when I had to plan grades and track curvatures and learn to read electronic schematics in order to build the latest pulse-power, momentum power pack some clever railroader published in Model Railroader or Railroad Model Craftsman.

  Along the way I learned to put up studs and cantilevered benchwork, how to drywall, install lighting and even fix a toilet. That's when I was building the "flushing tunnels" through two feet of rubble masonry in a century-old home in Montreal. I had to break through the walls to get from one room to another, over a toilet that was in the way. We model railroaders will attempt anything.

model railroad yard sceneDowntown Utopia

So we may wander a little from the core subject of model railroading tips and techniques as we take our journey together. The photo above was taken on my former Utopia Northern freelanced HO scale model railroad. I have started a new layout and am documenting the construction.  See "My New Railway" in the Navigation Bar.

I'll try to keep it all organized to make it easy to find what you're searching for and I'll have a place where you can add your good ideas to mine.

I started building this website in September, 2008. I keep adding to it as time permits and I take on new projects or discover new techniques and products. 

  I have been fortunate over the years of being associated with many fine modellers who have taught me many techniques. I'm still learning. 

  My collection of railroad magazines goes back to the 1950s.  Now you can buy Model Railroader magazine on disc and the magazine is available in digital format. There is also the Internet magazine Model Railroad Hobbyist  that I subscribe to. It's a great magazine about model railroads and has a very active forum. It's also free because it is advertiser supported.

  I'll be digging back into my archives to find items that interested me in the past and may be of help to you in building your own layout.

You'll also find lots of photos and videos on this website about model railroads. Many are in the Ontario region of Canada. Some are from NMRA conventions I've attended and some are from Trainfest in Milwaukee. As you'll see if you explore this site about model railroads there's a lot of information here.

All aboard. Let's have some fun together.

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