Bracebridge Train Show
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The annual Bracebridge Train Show was held at the Fairgrounds in Bracebridge, Ontario, Canada early in August. Nottawasaga Model Railway Club is a regular participant with our modular HO layout. I was busy running trains so I didn't take many photos of the other layouts. Most have appeared and been photographed or videotaped by me in the past. However, there were a few I hadn't seen before so I am including them here.

The Muskoka Region north of Toronto is home to some terrific club and personal layouts, many of which are featured during the annual Muskoka Tour. Many members belong to the Niagara Frontier Region (NFR) of the National Model Railroad Association (NMRA) and/or the Canadian Association of Railway Modellers (CARM).

 We even have some Master Model Railroaders (MMRs) in the region, such as Al Crisp (MMR 430) and John Brown (MMR 449). Measuring Locomotive Speed</h2>

<p>One of the dealers at the Bracebridge Trains Show, Dave Cool of Canadian Expres Lines, lent us an Accutrack device for measuring train speed in miles per hour.

Measuring locomotive speed

At the 2013 show one of the dealers at the Bracebridge Trains Show, Dave Cool of Canadian Expres Lines, lent us an Accutrack device for measuring train speed in miles per hour.

accutrack speed device

The device sits astride a track and measures the speed of an HO locomotive as it passes through its tunnel.

  The electronics are contained within the device so it doesn't have to be plugged in anywhere. Just plunk it down in a convenient spot on the layout where there's clearance and away you go! I show it in action below in a few video clips in the video I took at the Bracebridge Train Show with my still camera set to video mode. Accutrack is fun to play with. I think it costs around $75. I had never seen one before.

Kurt Cairns' N scale modular layout

I don't remember seeing Kurt's layout displayed before. It is about six feet long and 12 inches wide with a backdrop that has some hanging lights to illuminate it. Kurt had it set on a table. He was using a computer behind the layout. I'm not sure what he was controlling with the computer. I've included a couple of clips in the video. Here are some still photos. His detail work and lighting are fantastic. 

Overall side view of Kurt's N scale module
n scale module

Lakeville Shipping
n scale lakeville shipping

All-City Storage
n scale all city storage

DMC Machine Shop
n scale dmc machine shop

Factory complex (sorry for the distortion)
n scale factory complex

Capital Inc. Graphics
n scale capital inc graphics

Lighting up Main Street

One of the dealers was demonstrating lighting techniques with LEDs and other miniature lighting units. He had an illuminating display and was happy to give advice on what can be done. Here are some photos of his detailed HO scale scenes that really "popped" with the visual effects.

Looking down the display from the right end.
ho lighting display
Movie theatre
ho scale movie theatre
Movie theatre marquee
ho scale movie marquee
Main Street shops and traffic
ho lighting main street
Busy downtown
ho scale downtown street
The Aqua Spa
ho scale spa
Department store and bus stop
ho scale department store
Traffic at intersection
ho scale traffic at intersection

Ship models

Sometimes people bring ship models to a train show. Of course, some model railroaders, me included, like to build ship models to place in our harbour scenes. The models on display at the Bracebridge Train Show were spectacular. The level of detailing was superb. I've included them here for those who like ships or simply enjoy seeing first rate modelling. These are exact replicas.

The Flying Meteor and the Waverley of Glasgow
ship replicas of flying meteor and waverley
The Flying Meteor side view
ship model of flying meteor
Bow winch for anchor chains
ship model anchor winch
Detailed lifeboats
ship model lifeboats
Deck and details
ship model deck details
Passenger cabins. Yes, the interiors are detailed!
ship model passenger cabins

As promised, the video from the Bracebridge Train Show showing Accutrack

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