CN Signal Bridge At Washago, Ontario, Is No More

On April 5, 2012, almost 10 years after the signals that were on it were extinguished for the last time, CN finally brought down the massive signal bridge that once spanned the 4 tracks that ran under it. 

The photos are by Jason Jongen who was on hand when the signal bridge was removed. He remembers spending days there in the early 90s watching the signals up there and hoping one would turn green. Another piece of railway history in Washago is gone.

 Here are some photos he took during the final days. 

Last southbound under the bridge was CN 114
with CN 5704 and IC 1011 at 09:19
CN 114

Last northbound was Northlander 697 at 11:05.
Ironic that it only has 6 months of survival left.
ON 697

At 11:15 the main bridge is down
cn signal bridge removal

Removal of a section
cn signal bridge section

Farewell to the bridge at 15:15
cn signal bridge farewell

Washago without the signal bridge looking north on April 8

ON 697 arrives at Washago on April 11
Ontario Northland ON697

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