Fake Fur Scenery To Make A Field
For Your Model Railroad

I don't have a static grass applicator to make grass stand up. I know they produce great results but it's an expensive item.

I'd rather spend my model railroad money elsewhere. For some variety from sprinkling on ground foam I tried my hand at making a field with fake fur.

Faux Fur (fake fur)
faux fur scenery

I bought a package of Faux Fur (fake fur) at Michael's. It can be found at many craft stores.

Most of the work was done at the workbench on a piece of 1" foamboard.  

The fake fur scenery method involves cutting the fur with scissors close to the mat's base. It can be quite irregular.  Snip away until it looks pleasing.

Use a comb, suede brush, or even a card file for cleaning the teeth on files to tease out the fake fur.  It's fairly easy to get the look of an overgrown field.

Once satisfied, spray the fake fur field with several shades of green. Maybe a little yellow here and there. Sprinkle on some ground foam and small talus (rock chips). 

Even add some tree branches from your garden. Add a bit of garbsge if you like--bits of paper, a spare tire, some cans, etc.

When you're satified with the fake fur scenery you've created, plant the field on your model railroad and blend in other scenery around it.

Here's a photo of the test sample after it was done.

Fake fur scenery test
faux fur grass

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