Historic Station At
Labelle, Quebec, Canada

Labelle CPR Station
labelle historic station

The Canadian Pacific Railway (CPR) built the station at Labelle, Quebec in 1909. Labelle is the halfway point between Montreal and Mont Laurier.

Labelle is about 100 miles north of Montreal and about 20 minutes by road north of Mt. Tremblant. If you're a skier you've probably heard of Mt. Tremblant. 

There was a famous train known as the P'tit Train de Nord that took skiers from Montreal through St. Saveure to Mt. Tremblant. 

The old rail line is now a bike trail. It's paved north of Labelle and gravel between Mt. Tremblant and Labelle. There's discussion about paving this stretch as well.

The station has five guest rooms and a restaurant. Both are closed (July, 2011). I talked to prospective operators who are considering reopening the restaurant and a Bed & Breakfast in the autumn of 2011.

Labelle isn't known for hotels. It does have a rent-a-kayak operation on the river.  Most visitors usually stay in or near Mt. Tremblant unless they're camping.

This is a very pretty region of Quebec called the laurentians. These are some of the oldest mountains in the world. The labelle region was a major logging area in the early days. 

Lots of good fishing, too! The Riviere Rouge winds down south from here. 

If you're in the area check out this historic station. Below are some photos.

Luggage wagon
luggage wagon

You can walk around the grounds. There are picnic tables and washroom facilities. The museum is open during the daytime.

Bilingual signage
signage by luggage wagon
Labelle station trackside front
labelle station front

Labelle station north end
Labelle station end
CPR van (caboose) and the historic station at labelle, Quebec
CPR van

Labelle had a turntable, roundhouse and engine servicing. There was a small yard past the historic station. This photo gives you an idea of the layout. The town was behind on the water.

Labelle in its heyday
Labelle, QC photo
There was a "Y" built in 1942 and a turntable was installed around this time. The buildings are gone except for the historic station. I believe the track was removed in the '60s.

This was the base of the water tower
water tower

Turntable pit
turntable pit
Ash pit (I think)
ash pit

The mainline ran in front of the historic station. Many cyclists park their cars here and ride the trail up to Mont Laurier. Or you can ride south to Mt. Tremblant. No snowmobiles are permitted on the trail south of Labelle.

Looking down the mainline, now a bike trail
labelle mainline
Rear of the historic station at Labelle
Labelle station rear
CPR van in front of station
CPR van
Another view of front of Labelle station
Labelle station platform
Official tourist B & B sign

Above the sign is a view of the front of the station trackside. The museum is at the left end where the freight office was located.

This scale still works. He weighed me. Unfortunately, it's accurate!
weigh scale
Photos of a bygone era adorn the walls
Labelle historic photos
Posters on the wall
historic posters
Historic artifacts
historic artifacts
Luggage cart
luggage cart
Waiting room interior set up as restaurant
waiting room

The museum has some interesting artifacts and photos. The scale in the freight office is set in the floor and operates.

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