HO Layout Photos
Of Gord Baverstock's Model Railroad

Gord's operating coal loader
operating coal loader

Members of our Nottawasaga Model Railway club travelled to Owen Sound in July, 2014 to visit the HO layout of Gord Baverstock. Gord has been the auctioneer at our annual club auction the first Saturday in May for many years.  We had visited his layout a few years before and I did a video during that visit that you can find on my Train Videos page. Since then Gord has changed a great deal of his HO layout so I thought it would be fun to take some new photos and make a new video.

Gord is a tinkerer who enjoys figuring out how to animate scenes on his HO layout. For example, he has constructed both an operating coal loader and a rotary dumper. The dumper is built from a Walthers kit and took some ingenuity to turn into a rotary dumper that works. There's a pond with animated skaters. He also has designed a bit of of a hump yard that works with magnets to kick a car down towards his marine barge. Gord's HO layout is highly detailed. He has done a lot of remodelling in the past four years. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

More model railroad pictures, both model and prototype, can be accessed from my Train Photos  Gallery.

ho layout pond ho layout sign ho layout bee hives
ho layout caravan scene ho layout farmyard ho layout bears in woods
ho layout building under construction ho layout beach ho layout illumination
ho layout lit town ho layout farmyard ho layout creamery
ho layout blacksmith ho layout komoka station ho layout bridge

Here's a short video that includes the operating coal loader and a flying helicopter.

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