Brad Lebeck's HO model Layout

Brad is a member of our Nottawasaga Model Railway (NMR) club. He hosts our annual corn roast where he used his 1923 steam tractor to cook the corn!  You can see the steam tractor in action in the corn roast  video on the Club's page on my website.

Brad manages to squeeze some time into building his own HO model layout. He is also in charge of designing our new permanent club layout that depicts the CN line from Barrie to Meaford in the 1950s.

He is a meticulous worker who goes to the trouble of installing lit lanterns in a caboose and powering a snowblower. His coal mine has a working live coal loader and a working coal ramp. He is also building a freighter from scratch.

I had an opportunity to see what he has accomplished thus far during our 2012 corn roast. Most of his track was laid and the HO model layout was operating with DCC and sound equipped engines.

The layout is a dog bone shape in two rooms with a connection through the walls and behind a door. Quite ingenious! Brad also lays his track on ten test board which is softer than homasote but has sound deadening qualities. It doesn't hold spikes well if you're handlaying track but can be used if you are using prefab track. Brad has not had a problem with moisture content. He hadn't ballasted the track or installed a lot of scenery the last time I saw it so the jury is still out on how well it will stand up over time. I'll post more photos in the future. Here is a sampling of his work.

Live coal loads into HO hoppers
working coal chutes
Live coal loader
working coal loader
Ramp to loader
working coal ramp
Townsite under construction
ho model townsite
Scratchbuilt freighter and grain silos.
Silos are plumbing pipes.
scratchbuilt freighter

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