Running Barry Ruse's
HO Train Layout

After our Nottawasaga Model Railway Club lost its home in Wasaga Beach we were using train club evenings to visit members' layouts. Most Monday nights found us in Brad Lebeck's workshop working on the new modules that we were building for our display layout that we take to train shows. Barry invited us to come to his home to run his HO train layout. Barry has been a member of the club for many years and was our Treasurer. He has been building his HO train layout for a dozen years. It started out as a DC model railroad with Code 100 track and Atlas electric switch machines. He converted to DCC a few years ago when our train club decided to do so. I hadn't visited the layout for a few years. He had added considerably to the scenery and had expanded the open staging in an adjoining basement room that also serves as a crew lounge. About 95% of the scenery had now been completed. Barry had started setting up some car cards for operations but for the most part he just runs the trains and switches cars as he feels like it. There are two mainlines and he has added a wandering branchline, aptly named Long Branch. Many of the members hadn't seen or operated the layout before so it was a little mayhem learning how the layout is set up. We had some near miss "cornfield meets" but for the most part everything ran great once we learned which buttons changed which turnouts.

Here's a video I took of his HO train layout while Barry instructed our gang how to run his railroad.

If you would like to learn more about our train club go to NMRC.

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