Layout Photos From The Sunday Tour
During The NFR 2009 Woodstock Turn

This is a highlight video of an S scale layout that has an amazing amount of animation and a canal and waterfall with real water.

There are also several HO scale layouts that we visited on Saturday and Sunday.

Maple Leaf Junction Railroad (S scale)

Hank Duivenbode's S scale layout in an Innerkip trailer park has become a local area attraction due to Hank's open house events. The layout takes up 450 square feet in a room attached to his trailer. The layout is "E" shaped. There are many scratchbuilt structures and rolling stock, practically a "must" in S scale. Part of the layout is representative of the Netherlands, complete with the customary windmill.

Hank has gone further by adding a tremendous amount of lighting and animation.

A central feature is a canal with real water that drops over a waterfall beneath a large curved trestle and is recirculated to the canal by a pump.

Digitrax is used for control with both diesel and steam sound systems as heard in the video. A very impressive undertaking.

Click on the layout photos for a larger view.

S scale model train waterfall S scale trestle 1 S scale curved trestle
S scale real water canal S scale city view S scale city scene
S scale coal tower S scale Hawk Milling structure S scale Supertest truck
S scale car interior S scale car interior people

Canada Atlantic RR (HO and ON30 scale railroads)

Don Stoddart in Woodstock, Ontario, has two layouts under construction. The ON30 is only 3 1/2 X 9 feet while the HO railroad occupies 22 X 12 feet.

The HO layout's mainline runs twice around the room into a central peninsula. Operation is point-to-point. Era is the 1930s. Lots of older equipment and steam is king. The ON30 is a continuous run with a small yard and small steam locomotives. Control is block control with DC.

The first four pictures below are of the ON30 layout. The rest of the layout photos are of the HO pike.

ON30 scale log disconnects ON30 scale sidings ON30 dinosaurs on hill
ON30 scale bridges HO scale grain silos HO scale barge with boats
HO scale roundhouse HO scale loading trestle HO scale turntable
HO scale boaters HO scale railyard HO scale railway yard
HO scale lumber yard HO scale harbor engine terminal

New York and Seven Railroad Company (HO scale)

Greg Whayman's railroad in Brantford, Ontario, a fully computerized operating layout in a 12 X 25-foot room. The locale is the northeastern United States and the era is the 1950s.

This is a freelanced model railroad, but it has been inpsired by the South Franklin and Manchester so there are lots of highly detailed Finescale Miniatures and other craftsman kits as well as scratchbuilt structures. Track is handlaid and operation is with Digitrax and sound units.

By the way, the first photo is of a Sperry inspection car. if you'd like to see a real one, go to the Ontario Southland RR page that has other photographs I took during the same weekend. 

The Sperry car is the last photograph at the bottom of the page.

HO scale Sperry car HO scale rundown buildings HO scale diner
HO scale downtown HO scale Carricks bakery HO scale trackside
HO scale Swifts trucks HO scale factory row HO scale wrecked autos
HO scale old town HO scale old time gas station HO scale loco servicing
HO scale New York Central loco HO scale coaling tower HO scale steam engine passing
HO scale tracks diverging HO scale Whitney structure

Lake Erie and Northern RR (HO scale)

Roger Chrysler's railroad is under wire! The effect is quite spectacular. This layout is exceptionally well done. Less is more. The scenes are carefully laid out. This is an operation-oriented point-to-point layout with a car card system based on a 1953 timetable.

The layout is in a long 11 1/2 X 42-foot room. The theme is a Canadian Pacific Electric interurban line in Southern Ontario. The scenes are reminiscent of Brantford and Norfolk counties. This was a tobacco growing area. As the layout photos show, this layout is operated with overhead wire using Lake Erie and Northern motive power along with Grand River steeple cab locomotives and passenger cars from the era. There are many prototype scenes based on photographs and plans from the area. Control is walkaround Digitrax. Track is all handlaid Code 70 with a minimum 22-inch radius.

HO scale coal dump HO scale Butler grain bins HO scale station stop
HO scale dam HO scale station HO scale coal conveyor
HO scale barn HO scale rural overpass HO scale car shop
HO scale hillside town HO scale road to town HO scale small rail yard
HO scale tobacco drying sheds 3 HO scale tobacco sheds HO scale town rail sidings
HO scale Waterford station HO scale Waterford station end HO scale Mt Pleasant station
HO scale Central Vermont boxcar HO scale city station HO scale engine house
HO scale steam shovel HO scale coal siding HO scale steeple cab loco
HO scale trestle HO scale railway yard HO scale barn front
HO scale big hook crane

Looking for tips and techniques? They'll be found on the clinics tips and techniques page.

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