Live Steam Video Of The
Richmond Hill Live Steamers

Operating water tank
welcome sign

The Richmond Hill Live Steamers (RHLS) have 4 acres of treed lot north of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. They used to hold open house weekends twice a year, once in July and once in September. Hundreds come to ride the live steam trains. The crowds became so large they had to cancel the open house weekends. Pity.

There are two separate railways: one at ground level and one that has elevated track. This video focuses on the larger scale trains that operate at ground level.

There are both steam engines and diesels pulling the trains.  Ken Douglas, a fellow member of our NMR HO modular club joined me to make the trip to the other side of Toronto to see and ride the live steam trains.

Richmond Hill, a northern suburb of Toronto, is about two hours east of Collingwood and Wasaga Beach where we are located.

There were some amazing locomotives. The club was even doubleheading coal-fired live steam engines. Locomotives could be worth as much as $25,000.

Ken and I attended the September, 2011 open house on Sunday. The weather was perfect and the air was scented with coal smoke.

Here are some live steam pictures of the rhls set-up. 

Operating water tank
water tank

The line-up
lining up

Mikado 5356 getting set to roll
mikado 5356

CP 8760
cp diesel 8760

Woodland Central 3515
diesel wc3515

CP 5356 for servicing
turntable servicing

Here is the video I took.  It's a long train ride around the 4 acres.

More train videos can be accessed through my train videos overview page.

There's a second video of the smaller, elevated trains including some British locomotives.

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