Miscellaneous Trains
and Other Train-Related Topics
That Don't Fit
In Standard Categories

From time to time I have things to mention that don't seem to fit in any of the usual categories. So this page is a jumping off point to other places and things you might find interesting.

For example, I compiled a list of train songs for my own amusement so I could download them and play them from my iPod when I had visitors wanting to see my model railroad. Perhaps these will spark some memories for you.

I've also added a page about the story behind building this website.

Use the links below to navigate to these pages as I add them from time to time.

You can also link to administration-type pages such as my Privacy Policy. 

My website is an ongoing project that began in 2008. I do this for fun and to learn more about the workings of the internet. It keeps my mind active in retirement! Like most model railroaders I am a bit of a pack rat and that goes as much for information as the stuff stacked under my layout. Miscellaneous trains seemed like a good place to store the trivia.

I am in the process of rebuilding my layout after a move so I get the chance to try new techniques and products and retry old favourites. I will share my experience here.

Thanks for visiting. Feel free to use my photos and contact me if you would like to share your ideas or any miscellaneous trains photos.

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