Model Layout Photos
From Florida's Suncoast
Model Railroad Club
In Clearwater, Florida

Robert (Bob) Sparkes who I met through the Canadian Association of Railway Modellers (CARM), like many other Canadians, chooses to escape the snow and when the geese fly south, so does he. He does his winter model railroading in the Clearwater, Florida area at the Suncoast Model Railroad Club. A few years ago Bob kindly gave me some photos he took at the club so I can share them here with you. There are photos of some excellent buildings that I think were constructed with Design Preservation modular walls. The Suncoast Club is HO but they also have a portable HO layout, an N scale layout and some ON30 modules. Bob told me it's a very active club.  They have also participated in an annual show put on by one of the biggest hobby shops in Florida, HR Trains. Below are a few photos taken of the portable layout at that meet.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Suncoast portable layout Florida model station 1 Florida model station
Florida city street model Florida model train city Florida model train building signs
Florida model train creamery Florida model club barge Florida model train metal works
Florida train club cabinet makers factory Florida model train cityscape Florida model train fertilizer factory

The Suncoast ON30 module

In Bob's words, "The module is On30, in other words, O scale on HO track. The little stone building is a station. All the buildings were cast in Hydrocal. The water tank was made on a commercial toilet roll tube by my buddy Ray Feldt. Ray also made the pine trees." Bob pointed out that he made the tree and painted the shingled roof on the station. He used pinking shears to cut the paper. The result is very effective. All in all, a great scene.

ON30 module tree ON30 hotel scene ON30 watertower
ON30 gas station Florida ON3 scene ON30 module oveview

Bob emailed me some new photos during the 2008 Christmas holidays. There is a lovely photo of the downtown area and three photos of bridges constructed with bass wood and card stock by a member trained in architecture. These bridges are spectacular.

girder bridge bass wood and cardstock HO bridges HO curved trestle
downtown street on Suncoast layout

If you are a member of the Suncoast Club and stumble across this page I'd love to have some updated photos. Use my Contact Page to send me an email.

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