Photos of 11 model layouts
during tours at the NMRA 2003 National Convention held in Canada

Below are model layout photos taken on tours during the National Model Railroad Association's (NMRA) national convention held in Toronto, Canada in 2003. The annual national convention hadn't been held in Toronto since 1953.  Unfortunately, 2003 was the year of the SARS epidemic and many modelers, manufacturers and distributors were scared away by the media reports.  Those who did attend know that it was an excellent convention and there were many superb model layouts open to visitors during the tours.

I've tried to capture the essence of these model layouts in these photos that I took during the layout tours. As you know, it is necessary to "shoot from the hip" on these tours and there is no time for adjusting lighting conditions or setting up the pictures carefully. I took these photos for inspiration and creative ideas. I hope you find some ideas here that you can use or adapt to your own model railroad. Most are HO scale. One layout, #8, is N gauge. It ran on practically every surface in the house!

I did not take notes at the time as to who owns what. I was not planning to make a website. My apologies to the builders. Should you spot your model layout or recognize who one belongs to, please go to my Contact page and send me an email so I can give proper credit. I know from recent years that many of these layouts have been on Muskoka Layout Tours so you can find more info on some of them there, including some videos.

More railroad pictures, both model and prototype, can be accessed from my Train Photos Overview page.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Layout 1

model railroad industrial building model train highway overpass three model train bridges
model train tower at junction model train engine terminal model train engine terminal closeup
model train Ryan Coal business model train wayside station model train town site
model train city on curve model train city street model railroad Canada Crushed Stone business
model train railway yard model train country road model railroad overpass in city
model train industrial district model train passenger cars model railroad warehouse relief structure

Layout 2

model railroad country town model station on hillside model of mine on hillside
model of a street above railway tracks model of freighter by dock CP rear end car on train
model of HO city downtown HO model Balls Barrels business HO model of freight depot
HO model of burning buildings HO model of coaling building HO models of company houses

Layout 3

HO scale model of tourist boat HO scale model of railway junction HO scale model of a farmers co op
HO scale model bridge work HO-scale model signal bridge HO scale model John Deere building
HO train control panel and town HO scale cattle pens and railyard HO train old time village
HO scale turntable HO scale steam in town HO scale model mountain with backdrop
HO scale railyard in country setting HO scale country road crossing railroad HO scale model freight train passing

Layout 4

modern HO container terminal model of wind turbines on hill model of HO factories
HO scale steel mill HO scale chemical complex modern HO scale city scene with backdrop
modern HO grain elevator model of factory in layout corner model train loop overview
HO scale highway scene HO scale row houses HO scale GO train behind grain silos

Layout 5

model train long view of layout model train layout overview of return loop model train church scene
model train main street scene close up model train roundhouse stalls model train hillside town scene
model train cliff wall scenery model train tracks curving by mountain view of HO mainline
model train wooden trestle scenery model train town above railroad yard view of model railroad street repair

Layout 6

Correction:  I received an email in September, 2017 from the owner of layout #6 that the last 2 pictures I assigned to him belong to another layout in Hamilton. My apologies.  Gary informed me he has since moved to Ancaster and his layout will be on the HOMES tour November, 5, 2017.

model train tunnels and trestle model train dockside scene model train coal tower setting
model train autumn scene of hill model train Western Auto building model train big city scene
model train big city different perspective model train funeral scene model train return loop scene

Layout 7

HO scale model railroad freight yard train layout reflective ceiling HO scale coal mine complex
HO scale steel bridges HO scale RDC emerging from tunnel HO scale 2 RDC units coupled
HO scale steam passenger train HO scale tunnel with trees HO scale CP freight train

Layout 8

N scale railroad scene 1 N scale railroad scene 2 N scale railroad scene 3
N scale railroad scene 4 N scale railroad scene 5 N scale railroad scene 6e

Layout 9

a model railroad mine scene model railroad barge scene company houses alongside model train road
model railroad dump truck scene model railroad barge scene model railroad long steel bridge
model train long steel bridge model railroad Micro Engineering steel bridge model railroad Micro Engineering steel bridge other angle

Layout 10

model train wharf scene Durham model train pike 2 Durham model train pike 3
Durham model train pike 4 Durham model train pike 5 Durham model train pike 6
model train pike 7 Durham model train pike 8 Durham model train pike 9
Durham model train pike 10 Durham model train pike 11 Durham model train pike 12
model train pike 13 Durham model train pike 14 city Durham model train pike 15
Durham model train pike 16 Durham model train pike 18

Layout 11

Durham model train pike 19 Durham model train pike 20 Durham model train pike 21
Durham model train pike 22 Durham model train pike 23 Durham model train pike 24
Durham model train pike 25 Durham model train pike 26 Durham model train pike 27

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