Model Railroad Pictures
Of Modular Layouts
At The 2008 Brampton, Ontario
Train Show

Below are model railroad pictures taken at the Brampton, Ontario train show in October, 2008. Brampton is a suburb of Toronto northwest of the airport. 

This popular annual show draws modular model railroads from the central Ontario region including our club layout, the Nottawasaga Model Railroad.

It's always difficult to take first-rate model railroad pictures at a train show due to the crowds, erratic lighting and motion of the trains. However, I've found I can get reasonable results if I use natural light, bracket the shots, and do some touchup of color and contrast in Photoshop. For those who care about such things I was using a Fujifilm Finepix S1000 10 megapixel camera with a 12X zoom. Because many photos were taken at around f2.8 and a shutter speed of 1/50 sec, any train motion would be blurry and it is hard to keep the camera steady for macro shots without a tripod. This is not to make excuses, but only to explain what I was dealing with during the show.

There are many good ideas here and some excellent modelling. I'm posting these pictures to help you (and me) improve our own model railroads and raise the level of our work. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

More model railroad pictures, both model and prototype, can be accessed from my Train Photos Gallery page.

Barrie-Allandale Railway Modellers

This group had split off from the Orangeville club. Their HO-scale railroad is transported set up on a trailer bed. When not at shows it is stored at the Hockley Valley RR train store in Alliston where they can work on it.  Hockley Valley is also home to a very large G scale indoor layout. You can see a video I took of it on my G scale trains page about the HVRR.

model railroad modular layout overview model railroad barn model railroad lumberyard
model railroad ore cars passing model railroad mountainside model railroad CAT caterpillar locomotives

Al Ward's HO scale circus diorama

This circus diorama is totally animated. It is a real joy to watch all the rides whirring and swirling. There are also some pictures of the 1 1/2" scale KARD circus wagons.

model railroad circus diorama overview model railroad circus diorama 1 model railroad circus diorama 2
model railroad circus diorama 3 model railroad circus diorama 4 model railroad circus wagon 1
model railroad circus wagon 2 model railroad circus wagon 3

Midland District Railroad Club

This club is a neighbor of ours in Midland on Georgian Bay, about an hour north of Wasaga Beach where we keep the Nottawasaga Club modular layout. They have both an N-scale and HO-scale layout. These model railroad pictures are of the modular N-scale layout.

N-scale modular model railroad layout 1 N-scale model railroad modular layout 2 N-scale model railroad modular layout 2
N-scale model railroad modular layout 4 N-scale model railroad modular layout 5 N-scale model railroad modular layout 6
N-scale model railroad modular layout 7 N-scale model railroad modular layout 8 N-scale model railroad modular layout 9
N-scale model railroad modular layout 10 N-scale model railroad modular layout 11 N-scale model railroad modular layout 12

Erin Mills Model Railroad Association 

This club is located in a suburb in the west end of Toronto, Ontario, Canada. This is a mature N-scale modular layout well-known to modelers in central Canada. It operates well on DCC. Members can run long trains at the shows. The scenery is well-done.

N-scale modular train layout 1 N-scale modular train layout 2 N-scale modular train layout 3
N-scale modular train layout 4 N-scale modular train layout 5 N-scale modular train layout 6
N-scale modular train layout 7 N-scale modular train layout 8 N-scale modular train layout 9

Freemo modules

Free-mo (freemo) modular layouts are slowly expanding in our region. There were also a few modules at the Holland Centre train show. Some work-in-progress hand laid Fast Track switches can be viewed on my Freemo page. The operating container crane (below) was quite a sight!

The freemo setups at recent regional train shows and at Trainfest have becomes bigger and bigger and more fully developed since I took these photos. 

model railroad container crane model railroad container port model railroad freemo module

Muskoka Model Railway Club

This is a small N-scale modular layout. The Muskoka region is an area of famous lakes north of Toronto.

N-scale modular layout town buildings N-scale modular layout hillside scenery N-scale modular layout road scenery

Ontario & Quebec Railway

This was a modular HO-scale railroad that was exceptionally well-done with excellent scenery and trackwork.

HO-scale modular layout country scene HO-scale modular layout country overpass HO-scale modular layout country pasture scene
HO-scale modular layout country canal scene HO-scale modular layout engine terminal HO-scale modular layout freighthouse scene
HO-scale modular layout steam locomotives HO-scale modular layout curving trackwork HO-scale modular layout town streetscene

The Calabogie, Renfrew, and Madawaska Railway

Here's a very small ON30 whimsical railway. It is only a few feet square. This really shows what ingenuity can do in a very small space.

ON30 small module 1 ON30 small module 2

The Central Ontario Garden Railway Association

This group is based out of Newmarket, north of Toronto. They imported the outdoors for this early october train show, complete with pumpkins. The trains are all G-scale from LGB, U.S. Trains, Aristocraft and other manufacturers. Locomotives were usually painted in Canadian livery.

G-scale garden railway 1 G-scale garden railway town G-scale garden railway Big bird express
G-scale garden railway circus cars G-scale garden railway body shop G-scale garden railway Canadian Pacific engines

Scarborough Model Railroaders

This is an N-scale layout following Ntrak standards. Scarborough is an eastern suburb of Toronto. The Scarborough Club hosts open houses in November for its HO-scale and N-scale layouts. This is the traveling N-Trak roadshow.

N-scale modules yard tracks N-scale modules siding N-scale modules road crossing Canadian National train
N-scale modules oil tanks N-scale modules harbour N-scale modules bridge scene
N-scale modules wooden trestle N-scale modules trees scenery N-scale modules mine on hill scene
N-scale modules tunnels N-scale modules factory structure N-scale modules western town scene
N-scale modules water tower N-scale modules Canadian pacific train passing N-scale modules station scene

Miner Junction

Here's an N-scale layout in the early stages of construction. Scenery and structures are being added. 

N-scale Alberta grain car N-scale grain elevator on module N-scale module with freight depot

Richmond Hill Live Steamers

This group has been a fixture in the Toronto area for years. They operate live steam on track in Richmond Hill, north of Toronto. This used to be a great weekend excursion in the summer. The crowds became so large they had to discontinue their annual public show.

Here are a few views of some of their hand built equipment.

live steam locomotive live steam heisler locomotive live steam engine 7 top view
live steam locomotive 7 back view live steam heisler locomotive live steam engine 5 front view

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