Model Railway Photos Of The
Ontario Western RR

This was a spectacular, highly-detailed, operation-oriented model railroad on the layout tour of the NMRA Niagara Frontier Region's (NFR) Woodstock Turn train meet held in mid-April, 2009.

The Ontario Western, owned by Don Pearce in Woodstock, Ontario, Canada, is a group effort by very talented model railroaders. It occupies a 24 X 36-foot room and is built on two decks. This is a point-to-point plan with two staging yards and approximately 500 feet of mainline and branchlines. A card order system was under development. Walkaround control was by Digitrax with both steam and diesel sound units.

The era represented is the 1950s to 1960s in Ontario. There were many scratch-built structures and bridges. Scenery at the time was almost completed.  There were some terrific modelling ideas here. Take your time browsing through the images and click on the photos for a larger view.

 Congratulations to Don and his crew. I hope you enjoy these model railway photos as much as I did.

model train mountain backdrop HO model mine complex HO model train power house
HO model railroad terminal HO model train diesel sand tower HO model train bridges
HO model train swimmers in water tank HO model railroad Finescale freight house model train shovel scene
model train bridge scene HO model railroad logging HO model train bridge painting
HO model railroad canyon HO model train hikers HO model train river backdrop
HO model train gallows turntable HO model railroad street scene model train Arnold Bros shipping
model train Canada Cement factory HO model train chemicals factory HO model train harbor
HO model railroad winery HO model train Slatters Foods HO model train apartment buildings
HO model train bridge counterweight HO model railroad backdrop car tunnel model train dock crane
model train station HO model train viaduct HO model train railyard below station
HO model railroad steel bridges HO model train BP oil tanks HO model train Warren truss bridge
HO model train freighter HO model railroad harbor tug model train barge apron
model train barge HO model building on fire HO model steam train in village
HO model railroad low trestle HO model train port buildings HO model train rural small factory
HO model train gallows turntable HO model railroad rural engine house model train bridge closeup
model train farm scene HO model railroad bridge girders HO model train Crocker Feeds structure
HO scale ore cars on bridge HO model trees being cut HO model mine under bridge
HO model railroad city backdrop HO model railroad farm house model train Woolworths store

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