Peter Shelton's WSLR

The view from trackside

Peter Shelton has finished his point-to-point HO railroad enough that he could demonstrate it to our NMR Club members on a Saturday in January, 2017.  Peter has incorporated several unique features: an operating barge apron his brother-in-law adapted from a Walthers kit, and an HO snowplow with a TV lens to live stream video from trackside.

operating ho model barge apronPeter's operating barge apron
working barge apronThe apron "moves with the tide"
ho barge machineryThe operating machinery

The photo shows the model machinery that is used to lift and lower the apron. The actual operating parts are hidden below the barge apron. The railroad is about 30 feet long and 30 inches wide. He used a couple of leftover modules from our train club that we no longer use. Eventually he plans to add loops at the left end.  It's been a family affair as his children have their own area of the layout to build and develop. The controls are DCC. Peter is one of our more advanced members and has already incorporated a lot of electronics into the layout.

The layout in action

Here's a short video to demonstrate the camera car and some action on the layout. The large TV monitor is in an adjoining room. Peter can control turnouts remotely as he drives the train with the camera in the nose of the CN snowplow. Quite fascinating and a totally different view of a model railroad layout.

A few more views around the layout

ho harbour and wallThe harbour near the the barge
HO factory sceneFactory with LED lighting
mainline on ho layoutOne of Peter's children is working on the mainline scenery
ho roundhousePeter acquired my old roundhouse at our auction last year. He intends it to be a museum.
ho model railroad industriesIndustries along the mainline

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