Model Train Scenes
Of My HO Layout,
The Utopia Northern (UNRR)

I took these photos of my previous model railroad layout in November, 2013 so I would have a record of what I had accomplished to this point.  Some of the buildings and rolling stock go back many years, as far back as the 1960s. Some have been built recently. I am constantly tweaking the model train scenes. The railroad was practically finished when I took these. The backdrop behind Summit hadn't been done and there was some ballasting to finish in the yards. I add model train scenes when I find interesting figures and other details. I am still building freight and passenger kits although I can't even use all the ones I already have built. Some are a real challenge!  There are still freight cars to weather and engines to fix or convert to DCC.  Always something to do! These photos provide an overview of model train scenes around the former layout room. 

I am currently building a new UNRR in a new home (2016). You can follow along its progress as I build it.

Click on the thumbnails for a larger view of the pictures below.

east utopia yard ho payroll car mission hall
East Utopia yard for interchange to CN and CP for Canadian destinations (off layout) Payroll car for UNRR employees parked at the East Utopia station Mission Hall in the Town of Mintwood near the wye to East Utopia
king's cannery port feron harbor north point scene
King's Cannery, a Campbell kit, at Port Feron Small dual gauge yard at Port Feron's harbour Sim's Signs and traffic on North Point's Front Street
grand junction box works maintenance sheds north point yard
Grand Junction Box at North Point Maintenance buildings in North Point North Point Yard in front of Alliance Refinery and an industrial backdrop
steam engine service station scene aspens scene
Fine Scale Miniatures engine service and water tower at Bordercross Passenger station at Underhill North Payne in the Aspens. A logging camp is behind the hill
ho logging siding full steam ahead barrel factory warren truss bridge model
Logging siding to Payne in the Aspens camp #1 Barrel Factory by Full Steam Ahead at Collings Woods Truss bridge over mainline to Utopia at Collings Woods Jct. Dual gauge trackage to Port Feron.
fishing in ho river hon3 narrow gauge yard CN2525 ho model
Fishing in Kelly's Creek with swimmers diving from bridge between Collings Woods and Port Feron 2-track narrow gauge yard behind Port Feron CN2525 in front of Utopia Manufacturing at Utopia
yard tracks at Utopia ho street in utopia ho industries in Utopia
Classification tracks in Utopia Yard (looking south towards Blueshores Houghton Ave (named for friend and operator John Houghton) in Utopia Consolidated Oil tank on Utopia spur to freight house
fine scale miniatures jacob's fuel norm's landing kit ho maintenance shed at summit
Fine Scale Miniatures Jacob's Fuel at Utopia Campbell kits with Norm's Landing at Blueshores Harbour Boxcar maintenance shed and water tower at Summit above Valleyview
fine scale miniatures rollin sawyer ho suydam buckhorn mine ho station and mow buildings
Fine Scale Miniatures Rollin Sawyer chemical plant at Valleyview Suydam metal Buckhorn Mine kit at Youngstown (named for David Youngs) Martinville Jct station and mow buildings (named for NMRC President, Martin Alborough)
ho wood station and mow buildings ho wood station ho mountain helix tunnel
Martinville Jct at the foot of the Big Hill (mountain helix) Martinville Junction station UNRR Alco UN34 exiting tunnel 3 on the spiralling helix
buffalo peak station and spur south point yard tracks ho south point downtown scene
Buffalo Peak station and spur South Point Yard with city in background South Point commercial district behind yard tracks
ho railway express office ho fine scale freight house ho mow freight cars
Campbell Railway Express Agency kit at South Point Fine Scale Miniatures freight station at South Point in front of Itzynice icing platform Maintenance of way (mow) freight cars in South Point Yard
ho simpson's truck ho red wing milling south point loco terminal
Simpson's delivery truck on South Point's Main Street South Point industrial area with Red Wing Milling and other factories South Point terminal area and engine servicing
welding in roundhouse ho barge ho harbour scene
Welding in the roundhouse at South Point The apron and barge at Fort Eerie Fort Eerie harbour and wharf
ho roundhouse north point sunset dusk in utopia yard
South Point roundhouse and terminal Sunset in North Point Dusk in Utopia
ho locomotive servicing blueshores wharf triangle cafe
Locomotive servicing in South Point Night falling at Blueshores by the wharf and tugboat Triangle cafe serving supper in South Point

If you landed on this page to see model train scenes and would like to know more about the Utopia Northern, use the link below to take you to my model railroad for a description of the trackplan and a summary of the construction.

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