Modular Layouts
At The Barrie Train Show

The annual 2009 Barrie Train Show was held in the Bradford Greenhouses on Highway 90 for the second year in a row. This has become the new venue for the show that is always held in mid-February.

It was sunny both days so we all got good winter suntans and the layouts on display were bathed in natural light. The show was well-attended. There were many dealers on-hand and about a dozen layouts on display, including our Nottawasaga Model Railroad Club travelling modular layout. That year I decided to try something different. My Finepix S1000 digital camera had a setting for motion pictures. I thought I'd try to see if I could capture some moving images of these fine model railroads. The images are a little jumpy because I wasn't carrying a tripod with me.

You'll see some videos of model trains in HO, N, and G scale and an O gauge 3-rail setup.

Here are some other photos of the modular layouts I took at the Barrie train show. Click on the thumbnails for a larger view.

Richmond Hill Live Steamers

live steam engine live steam LNER engine live steam engine running gear

A few miscellaneous scenes

These scenes caught my attention. I believe the first one is on the Erin Mills N scale layout while the others are on the Scarborough Modelers' travelling modular layout.

Midland Club HO scale feed mill HO scale coal dock

Our NMR Club Layout

HO scale village industries HO scale creamery HO scale CP diesels
CPRail locos HO scale snowplows HO scale CN and CP snowplows
HO scale hopper loading
HO scale CN van
HO scale Illinois Central caboose

If you would like to see the clever way in which fellow club member, Bill Payne, installed lights in the Illinois Central caboose (van) above, go to marker lights installation.

 There are more photos of these and other layouts that I took in 2008 at both the Brampton and Barrie train shows. You'll find them in my Photo Gallery.

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