The Marvellous Muskoka Layout
of John Brown

Photos of John's Fabulous HO layout that features three railroads in a "coal country" setting. 

This 22 X 26 foot HO model railroad is fully scenicked and displays many scratchbuilt buildings and scenes for which John has won many awards. He is a Master Model Railroader (MMR 449) and his layout reflects his outstanding craftsmanship. He usually runs the layout with a dozen or so operators using car cards.  Many scenes are based on real-life locations in West Virginia and the time period modelled is the '50s so both steam and diesels intermingle.

The primary railroads are the Chesapeake & Ohio and the Virginian. The third railroad, a branchline, is the Waubaushene Central. Control is with Digitrax DCC. Signals are operated manually as operators enter and depart their sections.

Here are some photos of John's layout.  Click on any thumbnail image for a larger view.

A short video tour of what can be seen on John's muskoka layout is below the photos.

ho carfloat Carfloat Alexander
ho carfloat yard Carfloat and yard
company houses Scratchbuilt company houses based on prototype photos
ho bridges Some of the many scratchbuilt and kitbashed bridges
interchange Tower and interchange
ho coal mine One of the many mines
wooden trestle Scratchbuilt wooden trestle
ho bridge Kitbashed bridge from Atlas parts
ho town Typical town in the "coal region"
model town main street Main street beside the tracks
town scene overview Overview of town area
Kiser Coal Corp Kiser Coal Corporation mine

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