The Muskoka Regional Railroad
Layout of Roger Hauka

Photos of Roger's HO layout under construction

The Muskoka Regional Railroad is based on the CN line between Washego and North Bay, Ontario, but there is a lot of latitude in choosing which features to model in order to produce a track plan that is friendly for simple operations.

MRR trackplan. Use as guide to photo locations.
mrr ho trackplan

This is an HO scale road with the mid 70s as the represented era. This does not preclude having a steam only night or running the latest power should the mood require. The operating power is Digitrax DCC with one booster and 4 blocks. The line is mostly single track with passing sidings at Gravenhurst, Huntsville and North Bay. Power is represented by CN, ONR and MRR (custom painted for the fictitious MRR line). Track is code 100 to allow older and European power to run.Turnouts are #6 and 8 in all but a couple of small yard sidings. Radii are generally over 36" and most is in the mid 40's. Total length of track is 433' including the yards. There is a cut-out at North bay and Washego to allow around the layout continuous running. It takes a freight about 8 to 9 minutes to make the circuit. Entrance to the layout is via an electrically operational lift bridge. There is off layout staging in a separate room which accommodates Toronto bound traffic off one end and North, West and East past North Bay off the other. 

As of 2012 when I last visited it during the annual Muskoka Tour, all track but the staging was complete. Scenery was 10 to 70% completed depending on the location. Roger's layout is in Barrie, Ontario, Canada.

North Bay under construction North Bay under construction
North Bay repair shop North Bay repair shop
Northlander 037 The Northlander 037
Northlander 044 Northlander 044
Gravenhurst Town of Gravenhurst
Gravenhurst harbour Harbour at Gravenhurst
lift bridge View of the operating bascuke lift bridge
Strathdee siding Strathdee siding at Bracebridge
Bracebridge Falls The falls at Bracebridge
Washego Washego with signal bridge
North Bay station North Bay station
army base Grandson's army base
Huntsville mine The mine at Huntsville (under construction, 2012)
Seargeant cement Seargeant's cement and gravel
Honest Al used cars Honest Al's Used Cars and Trucks at Gravenhurst
Cuttings lumber Cuttings lumber
lumber planing Jane's planing yard
kilworthy Town of Kilworthy
Bracebridge Right Track The Right Track at Bracebridge
Bracebridge factories Factories trackside in Bracebridge
falls and bridge Bracebridge falls and the road bridge
Muskoka airport Muskoka regional airport
lake muskoka Lake Muskoka
goat hobby farm Hobby goat farm
North Bay yard The railyard at North Bay
north bay diesel fueling North Bay diesel fueling
farm land Site of future farm land (2012)
mrr trackplan Muskoka Regional Railroad (MRR) trackplan
ho steers The police have a problem!
ho city backdrop City backdrop buildings
ho cement plant Cement plant scene
ho farm house Farm house scene on hill
cn9306 model CN 9306 running by
ho diner The food is great at Cap'n Mike's diner!
ho horseback riders A nice day for a trot up the road
ho camping trailer Spending the weekend at Camp Hillbilly
ho tugboat Tugboat on the water
ho beach scene Swimmers frolicking at the beach
ho motel Almost like being in Vegas!
ho oil tanks Oil tank farm with Sceniking backdrop buildings

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