Photos from Railroad Museums
in Alabama and Kentucky

While driving home from Florida at the beginning of March, 2014 I came across a couple of railroad museums and decided to get off I-75 and have a look. The first I found was the "Heart of Dixie" museum, the official railroad museum of Alabama in Calera. 

Heart of Dixie Visitor Center
calera railroad museum

The museum was closed for the season but it was possible to walk around the grounds. They have some interesting engines and rolling stock in various stages of preservation. The museum is located at Calera, AL 35040 and you can read more about it and see the operating schedule at Heart of Dixie railroad museum. It seems they also have a narrow gauge operating railroad called the Shelby & Southern.

SBI! Case Studies
Shelby & Southern Station Shed
Shelby & Southern

Here are some photos I took around the railroad museum tracks.

Southern caboose X201
southern x201 caboose
BN caboose 10522
bn10522 caboose
Camelback locomotive
camelback switcher

Calera diesel switcher 2019
calera diesel 2019
Woodward 38 2-8-0
woodward 2-8-0
Switcher 2022
diesel switcher 2022
Open passenger car Calera & Shelby 1122
open passenger car
Me in yard with autoracks passing on mainline
bill hambly in yard
Alabama By-Products Corp.
steam engine in shed
abc steam engine

Kentucky Railway Museum

The second museum I came across was in New Haven, Kentucky on the way to Maker's Mark distillery on the Bourbon Tour circuit. You can take a 22-mile train ride through the Rolling Fork River Valley. If you want to play Engineer you can do so for $50 USD. The museum has some interesting exhibits including a small model railroad. The museum was open so we could tour the exhibits and the grounds. They have Santa Fe 2546, an F7A built in 1949, L & N 152, built in 1905 and used on the Lebanon Branch (out of service at this time), and Mon 32, a BL-2 built by EMD in 1948. It is one of the seven known to still exist and one of the three in regular service. More information at the Kentucky Railway Museum. Below are some photos around the museum.

Railway Express Agency building
rea new haven
The museum visitor center
kentucky railway museum
Spreader and weed control
railroad mow spreader
Model railroad and antique trains
musuem model railroad exhibit
One of the exhibits
railway museum exhibit
Santa Fe F7A
santa fe sf2546 f7a
steam engine exhibit
steam engine exhibit
C&O 2716 K-4
chesapeake and ohio k-4
L&N 770 diesel
lousville and nashville ln770
Rolling stock at the museum
railway museum rolling stock
Passenger cars at the museum
railway museum passenger cars
Car shed housing exhibits
railway museum car shed

Some odds and ends

While in Nashville on our way to the Third Man Records studio and store, my daughter and I were blocked at a railway crossing for about 20 minutes while a very long CSX train of autoracks rolled by. I managed to snap a few quick shots of the grafitti covered cars as they passed.

CSX 397 on the head end
csx 397

Conrail autoracks passing
autorack ttgx981577

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