Signal Indications
On The Canadian National Railway (CNR)

John Carruthers of ourNMR Nottawasaga Model Railway club used to work for CN before he retired.

He lent me his copy of CN's Operating Timetable from 1975 so I could review the signal indications used by this prototype railroad as a guide to what we are doing adding signals to the club layout and my home freelanced layout.

Here are a couple of pdfs showing the signal aspects and what they meant in 1975. You'll need Adobe Reader to view these. Most people have this free program, but if you don't have it you can download it from Adobe.

CN block and interlocking signals (1) 

CN block and interlocking signals (2)

I'll probably never get past basic 3-colour signal installations on my Utopia Northern Railway. However, it's fun to see what could be done. Now if I could only get my operators not to run past a red... . 

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