Views of Small Model Railroad
Narrow Gauge Layouts
at a Canadian Train Show

Click on the small model railroad photos below to see a larger view.

The small model railroad photos below were taken at a narrow gauge train show in Schomberg, Ontario in 2007. They just prove that you don't need a lot of space to build a model railroad.Most were only a few feet square and were built by modelers with great imagination and cleverness. They all shared a marvelous touch of whimsy.

Scales included ON3, ON2 1/2, and other variations. Some used HO scale track and HO motors and then built superstructures around them. The last four pictures are of a switchback ON3 modular railroad.  The engine and cars would climb the switchback by themselves and then reverse back down the grade. The craftsmanship was superb. Buildings and scenery were exceptionally well done.

small narrow gauge model railroad narrow gauge model railway station whimsical model railway factory model railway narrow gauge mini-scene narrow gauge whimsical model railway engine
narrow gauge water tower on small layout ON3 narrow gauge model engine house ON3 water tower on switchback ON3 narrow gauge model railroad station ON3 narrow gauge model railroad trestle

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