Take A Steam Train Ride
at Tottenham, Ontario, Canada

tottenham stationTottenham station and ticket office

The South Simcoe Railway is alive and well at Tottenham, north of Toronto off highway 9. The track runs between Tottenham and nearby Beeton. Because there is no turntable or wye track the steam train only runs back and forth without being turned. However, that doesn't spoil the fun.

Engine 136, ex CPR
engine 136

A diesel has been used in the past while engine 136 was being restored for use again.  The diesel has also been used after the autumn runs for the Santa Claus specials closer to Christmas. In September, 2011 when these pictures and video were shot, it was engine 136 in all its glory that was pulling and pushing the heavyweight coaches. 

The boiler plate says the boiler was rebuilt in 1914 at Montreal Locomotive Works. Many of the old girl's other parts are original and date to the 1880s. It shows what volunteers can manage to get done over time. There are a dozen or so doing active duty to keep the railway operating. 

The South Simcoe Railway operates primarily on ticket sales and donations and a ride only costs a few dollars. If you're ever in the area railfanning, take time to check it this steam train.

Side view of 136 waiting to depart
side view of loco 136

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