Train Driving Lesson On An OSR GP7
At NMRA NFR '09 Meet

During the 2009 NMRA Niagara Frontier Region's (NFR) Convention, the Woodstock Turn, in April 2009, 40 attendees had the opportunity to learn how to drive a GP7 diesel locomotive on the Ontario Southland Railway, a privately-owned shortline acquired from Canadian Pacific that operates in Southern Ontario, Canada. The railway hauls auto parts, fertilizer, salt, chemicals and runs rail fan excursions. 

The president, Jeff Willsey, took us, four at a time, for a half hour excursion on the line where we learned how to operate the engine. We were running light without cars attached.

Below are some other photos taken around the Ontario Southland shops. Some of the locomotives are from Toronto Hamilton and Buffalo (THB).

Engines and van 67
OSR engines
locomotives waiting for maintenance
OSR 641
Toronto, Hamilton and Buffalo (THB) locomotives
OSR locos
The OSR shop
OSR shop
Ontario Southland Railway engine 184
OSR 184
THB 51 switcher

I also took some photos of the Orangeville and Brampton shortline on the drive to Woodstock. Their paint scheme is similar to the Barrie and Collingwood Railway.

Sideview of locomotive 4009
Orangeville and Brampton 4009
front view of locomotive 4009
Orangeville and Brampton 4009 front
OBRY1000 by the Orangeville station
loco 1000
RDC 6006
rdc 6006
One of their coaches

We also toured around Woodstock checking out the current and abandonned rail lines. I took these photos on the CP line.

CP snow plow
CP snow plow
Sperry track inspection car
Sperry 119

Other photos and videos of model railroad layouts and the train show during the Woodstock Turn are on a separate page on my website.

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